We provide comprehensive Big Data training for data scientists, developers, system architects and managers. Our instructors teach big data analytic technologies using in-depth examples and hands-on exercises. We customize our training to our clients’ needs and to all levels of students’ experience; from the beginners to the advanced students. Our clients can select training modules from the “menu” of classes to design their own curriculum.

“Over the past year Centric Consulting has undertaken a concerted effort to expand our Big Data delivery capability. After surveying the market, we realized it was necessary to develop these capabilities internally rather than rely solely on sparse new hires. In a four-day session Mike Covert and Victoria Loewengart of Analytics Inside trained Centric data architects and application developers. It was immediately evident that AI has a comprehensive understanding of the underlying platform. Training topics were guided by Analytics Inside’s Big Data Maturity Model which Centric has subsequently leveraged to grow our team. The training itself was engaging, interspersed with relevant anecdotes and classroom challenges. They did not assume attendees had a foundation in Hadoop, and instead ramped them up from Java basics into more complex topics such as MapReduce, YARN, text analytics and machine learning. Centric received exceptional value from this training. We look forward to working with Analytics Inside in the future as we progress in our Big Data journey.”

Jeff Kanel, BI Practice Leader

Phase Course Title Description
Planning Hadoop Planning Steps involved in identifying need, planning for introduction of Hadoop into your environment, systems integration and architecture.
Comprehension Introduction to Linux A comprehensive review of the Linux Operating System. 
Introduction to Java A comprehensive review of the Java technology stack.
Introduction to Hadoop An detailed overview of the Hadoop technology stack.
Development Hadoop Software Development MapReduce programming, NoSQL (HBase) programming, Sqoop
Hadoop Quality Assurance Overview of standard QA processes and how they are different from standard QA.
Introduction to YARN Overview of Hadoop version 2 YARN development.
Introduction to Spark Overview of Spark development
Introduction to Storm Overview of Storm development
Natural Langauge Processing Overview of computational linguistics/text analytics concepts and technologies
Introduction to Graph Theory Overview of using Hadoop and Spark to do advanced graph theory
Advanced Text Analytics Text analytics using big data frameworks.
Real time Big Data Overview of next generation big data solutions that utilize real-time (non-batch) technology.
Cascading Developer training for the Concurrent Cascading product set.
Advanced Cascading Developer training for advanced usages of the Cascading framework
Advanced Analytics Using Mahout to do predictive analytics.
Administration Hadoop Systems Administration Installing, configuring, and maintaining a Hadoop cluster