M i c h a e l C o v e r t

Founder and CEO
Mr. Covert served as the Vice President of Performance Management for WHITTMANHART, Inc. Prior to this role Mr. Covert served as the Chief Operating Officer of Infinis, Inc., a business intelligence consulting company based in Columbus, OH. Infinis merged with WHITTMANHART in 2005. Mr. Covert was the Vice President of Product Development and Chief Technology Officer for Columbus-based Alta Analytics, producer of data mining and visualization software. In 1999, Alta won the Industry and Technology Council of Central Ohio-sponsored Top C.A.T. award for technical achievement for its product called NETMAP™ for Financials. In addition, Covert has served as the Director of Advanced Technology for The Claremont Technology Group (now COVANSYS). Mr. Covert has over 30 years of experience in a variety of business and technical roles, including sales and marketing, risk management, profitability analysis, financial management, and governance and regulatory processes. He is also an experienced specialist in operating systems, networking, technical architecture, performance and tuning, quality assurance, capacity planning, and software development methodologies. Covert earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Honors and Distinction from The Ohio State University. He is attending Ohio State University as a PhD student specializing in Machine Learning, Big Data, and High Performance Computing. Mr. Covert is a Cloudera Hadoop Certified Developer.

V i c t o r i a L o e w e n g a r t

Victoria Loewengart has 25 years of experience in all facets of “cyberspace” development, management and exploration. She provided software solutions for business, federal government, research and development, and military segments. Ms. Loewengart is an innovative software systems architect with a proven record of bringing emerging technologies to clients through discovery, design, and integration. Additionally, Victoria spent a large part of her 25-year career developing software technologies to extract information from structured data and unstructured text. For over half of her career Ms. Loewengart worked in support of military and intelligence agencies and became fascinated with intelligence collection and analysis as well as counter-intelligence techniques and technologies. She obtained Master Degree in Intelligence Studies from American Military University and spent a lot of time researching the issues that affect Intelligence communities, including intelligence collection, cybersecurity, and competitive intelligence. Victoria has published numerous articles on topics ranging from text analytics to intelligence analysis and cyber security. Her book “An Introduction to Hacking & Crimeware: A Pocket Guide” was published by IT Governance, UK, January 19, 2012. Victoria is a serial entrepreneur; she had founded and led companies specializing in web development, competitive intelligence, and text analytics. Ms. Loewengart earned a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and a Master Degree in Intelligence Studies from the American Military University.

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