Talend Discovery Days

Analytics Inside will be presenting a case study at the Talend Discovery Day in both Columbus and Cincinnati next week. The case study will show how Quadax Inc., a Cleveland based provider of Health Care Revenue Cycle Management products and services, used Talend to implement Big Data decision support and predictive analytics solutions. The presenters will be Rob Kindry from Quadax and Michael Covert from Analytics Inside. We hope that you will be able to join us. For more information and to register click here.

Big Data and Education

bigdataandeducationWe live in the age of the data-driven classroom. Today much of the class work is computer-based and it is captured electronically, and so there exists a capability to assess progress continuously, and not just through episodic testing. Data for student, curriculum, class, teacher, and school is being amassed and analyzed. Big Data analysis gives unprecedented meaningful insights into education for teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Read more about it in our new blog entry here.

We have added new Spark, Scala, and Kafka Classes!


Course name Description
Introduction to Scala Introduction to Scala is a three-day immersive course in concepts behind programming in the Scala language. It is intended for Java developers and contains information that provides a quick start to programming in the complex functional language.
Introduction to Spark Introduction to Spark is a five-day comprehensive course in concepts behind the Spark development environment. It is taught in Scala. It covers all aspects of architecture, development, debugging, performance, and deployment of Spark based applications. It includes  Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, GraphX and MLLib
Introduction to Kafka Introduction to Kafka is a one-day comprehensive course in concepts behind Kafka message queueing development. It can be taught in Java or in Scala. It covers all aspects of architecture, development, debugging, performance, and deployment of Kafka based applications with specific emphasis on using it with other frameworks such as Spark, Storm, or MapReduce

The most effective of the advanced analytic technologies use machine learning, graph based analysis algorithms, natural language processing, and specialized Big Data management technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and Storm. Analytics Inside utilizes all of these technologies to provide powerful service-oriented solutions, as well as consulting and training services. We help you prepare for Big Data implementations through a capability maturity model that provides a go-forward road map taking you from first install to full maturity.

We help to maximize the value of Big Data for organizations that depend upon the data they collect. Analytics Inside opens the doors for our customers to new ways of understanding, exploiting, and acting upon their data.