We are proud to announce our alliance with Result Data. Big Data classes are now available at the Result Data training center in Columbus, OH. We are very pleased to bring this set of classes to the Result Data community as we know many of you have begun exploring or implementing Big Data solutions. Founded in 1996 Result Data provides consulting services, training and software solutions to organizations of all types with an emphasis on collecting, organizing and analyzing data. As part of this effort they enjoy certification and recognition from several of the industry leaders in data management and business intelligence. Together we’re improving the educational landscape for anyone seeking to better understand and leverage Big Data, the Hadoop ecosystem and related topics. We are now offering two new classes for 2016, both of which are posted on the public training schedule at www.resultdata.com/big-data-training.

The most effective of the advanced analytic technologies use machine learning, graph based analysis algorithms, natural language processing, and specialized Big Data management technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and Storm. Analytics Inside utilizes all of these technologies to provide powerful service-oriented solutions, as well as consulting and training services. We help you prepare for Big Data implementations through a capability maturity model that provides a go-forward road map taking you from first install to full maturity.

We help to maximize the value of Big Data for organizations that depend upon the data they collect. Analytics Inside opens the doors for our customers to new ways of understanding, exploiting, and acting upon their data.